Greenhouse Gas Offset Policy Dialogue

EPRI´s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Offset Policy Dialogue informs key constituencies about experience to date with offset policies and provides a forum for participants, representing a wide variety of stakeholders and perspectives, to discuss important elements of possible future offset policies. As part of the Dialogue, EPRI sponsors a series of one-day workshops to explore and discuss key topics related to the design and implementation of domestic and international GHG emission offset programs.


Contact: Adam Diamant – (510) 260-9105 or

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Feb. 25, 2010 - Sectoral Mechanisms and Other Approaches to Scale Up Offsets Supplies (Workshop 7)

Name Author Size
Agenda   140 KB
Background Paper: Sectoral and other International Mechanisms Designed to Scale up Offset Supply: An Overview of Key Issues   170 KB
Carbon Market Fundamentals G. Turner 331 KB
Proposals for Sectoral Crediting and Trading R. Baron 451 KB
International Offsets: Role of Energy Sector G. Blanford 567 KB
Reform and Future of CDM L. de Jonge 170 KB
Workshop Overview A. Diamant 721 KB
NAMAs, Crediting and the CDM N. Helme 75 KB