Research Guide

The Energy Systems and Climate Analysis (ESCA) group conducts research that enables public- and private-sector decision-making on decarbonization, climate resilience, policy, investment strategies, planning methods, emerging technologies, environmental management, goal setting, and risk management. The intersection of policy, technology, economics, and climate impacts is an evolving landscape with many challenges. ESCA produces fundamental insights that inform long term strategy to face these challenges.

ESCA provides technical data and information, analytic tools, and energy system modelling to inform utilities' decarbonization transition strategies, understand the implications of existing and proposed policies, and evaluate the power system's resilience to climate change impacts. The group also produces critical information, analysis, and tools to improve long-range resource planning and corporate risk management, including objective cost and performance data for emerging and existing technologies, as well as new resource planning methods to address decarbonization, technology integration, and resilience planning.

The group conducting this research consists of engineers, economists, policy analysts, meteorologists, and modelers who regularly contribute to thought leadership across academic journals, national assessments, and expert forums.

ESCA research summaries