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Resource Planning for Electric Power Systems

EPRI's Annual Seminar on Resource Planning for Electric Power Systems

November 9, 2022 8:00 AM - November 10, 2022 5:00 PM Eastern Time

Washington D.C

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Business Casual

Now celebrating its 41st year, this long-running annual EPRI seminar explores key topics and issues of growing urgency to electric company generation, transmission and distribution system planners, fuel and asset managers and staff engaged in wholesale power market design, corporate strategy and risk management. For 2022, this seminar is being in Washington DC over a two-day period.

This seminar is organized and hosted by EPRI's Program 178 on Resource Planning for Electric Power Systems. This seminar delivers and expands upon EPRI research, and features presentations by EPRI staff and external experts from government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations along with facilitated discussion among all participants.

This year's seminar includes five panel-based sessions that address key themes of growing importance as the power system continues to transition to support a future zero greenhouse gas emission economy:

  • Meeting Big Goals — The Intersection of Emerging Technologies and Electric Sector Resource Planning. This session will discuss key societal goals driving some of today’s biggest electric sector planning challenges, explore the role emerging technologies may play in meeting these goals, and highlight new research facilitating the planning response.
  • Technologies to Reach the Last Mile of Decarbonization. This session will focus on the technologies to achieve the most difficult part of economy-wide decarbonization and offer various perspectives on which technologies and pathways could support the transition, where, and when they will need to be deployed.
  • Not 20-years Away Anymore, Recent Developments in Nuclear Energy. This session will discuss the re-emergence of advanced nuclear energy technologies, major milestones approaching with respect to commercialization, the current technology landscape, and how electric utilities are incorporating the technology into long-range planning.
  • Considerations for Planning Resilient Zero-Carbon Power Systems. This session will explore challenges planners face in developing electric power sector resource portfolios that can better withstand growing weather and climate extremes, common-mode outage events, and other exogenous threats. It will also cover emerging approaches for integrating these considerations into resource planning exercises.
  • Managing Uncertainties in Long-Range Planning. Resource planners are routinely confronted with a wide range of economic, technology, policy, market, and other uncertainties when developing their long-range plans, and many of these uncertainties are only expanding. This session will discuss new planning approaches for improving uncertainty management and incorporating adaptive decision paths into portfolio resource planning.

This invitation-only, interactive event is designed to facilitate significant interaction between the participants and session speakers.


The goal of this annual EPRI seminar is to explore critical topics and issues of direct interest to electric company system resource planners, fuel managers and staff engaged in wholesale power market design and corporate strategy.

Who should attend?

Members of EPRI Program 178 and Project Set 178B. EPRI members and others who participate in this seminar include, including investor-owned utilities (IOUs), electric generation and transmissions cooperatives (G&Ts), independent power producers (IPPs), public power agencies, and regional transmission organizations (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs).

These participants typically are engaged in conducting system resource planning analyses, acquiring fuels for power plants, power plant operations, corporate strategy, and wholesale market design and operations.

Additional participants typically include federal agency staff from DOE, EPA, and FERC, state public utility commission (PUC) staff, academic experts, and representatives of national environmental and other public interest organizations.

Past Keynote Presentations

Catherine Jereza, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. DOE (2017)
Melanie Kenderdine, Principal, Energy Futures Initiative (2018)
Bernard McNamee, Commissioner, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (2020)
Richard Glick, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (2021)

Agendas and summaries from previous years: