EEA Announcements

The Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA) Group maintains an email list to communicate new, publicly available research, events, and other activities to the broader public. We send no more than 2-3 updates per quarter. Topics are based on current EEA research, which covers key drivers of change in the electric sector including, but not limited to, domestic and international environmental and climate policies, technological change both in the supply and demand of electricity, and other market forces. All announcements are also posted on this webpage, from newest to oldest.

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Recent Announcements

EEA Renewables Research Summary

The EEA Renewables Research Summary summarizes all of EEA’s research in the renewable generation space, including work in progress. Web links are included where available. Publications marked with an * are available to the public free of charge or are published in academic journals. Other publications are available to EPRI member companies that fund certain program(s), as indicated with a number in brackets preceding the publication title and can be purchased by members of the public who may be interested in doing so, subject to EPRI’s product distribution requirements. Please contact John Bistline if you have further questions about any of the materials listed in this summary.

New EEA Announcements Page and Public Email List

The Energy and Environmental Analysis (EEA) Group has recently set up an email list open to any interested parties to facilitate greater communication between the EEA Group and external stakeholders regarding new, publicly available research, events, and other activities. This outreach resource will help our group connect with and circulate our research among a broader network of interested individuals. We plan to send periodic (no more than 2-3 per quarter) updates that feature publicly available EEA research, upcoming events, and news from our group.

The new email list is paired with an 'EEA Announcements' webpage that contains a list of past announcements along with a link to sign up for the EEA public email list at the top of the page. We hope that this webpage and our public email list will provide meaningful opportunities for engagement with the broader public and a channel through which we can share EEA perspectives on energy, climate, and economic issues of importance to the electric power sector.